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Blending together Pilates & Yoga, BaseSix Fitness helps you enhance your life by improving your movement for optimal health & fitness.

Working within each individual’s abilities, we focus on improving core strength (including pelvic floor), balance, flexibility, stability, mind-body connection & awareness. We work through a huge range of movements, with workouts tailored to take into consideration individual strengths & weaknesses so that everyone benefits.

Using a workout method that involves moving through slow, precise, strength exercises with breath control, you are encouraged to incorporate your breath into each movement. As you move through the poses you will learn to synchronise your breath & movements gaining optimal flexibility & improved core strength. The level of intensity for each move is your choice.

BaseSix Fitness classes are low impact, gentle yet highly effective workouts incorporating Yoga stretching to enhance flexibility & improve your natural movement. Pilates works to build the all-important core strength through conditioning exercises & correct breathing techniques.

Get back to basics & wake your body up with the renowned benefits of Pilates & Yoga, with the help & expertise of BaseSix Fitness.

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maria in yoga pose
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How You Can Join BaseSix Fitness Classes

Online Classes

$15 Per Week

Join me from the comfort of your own home & partake in our easy-to-follow online core strengthening classes. 

All you need is an internet connection & computer / smartphone.

  • Live Zoom classes
    6am (30 mins) Mon, Wed & Fri
  • Anyone in your household is welcome to join us at no extra charge. That includes partners, children, even your dog or a cheeky chicken or two!
  • Contact me for more information

Video Library

$15 Per Week

Private access to Video Library in Members Area. 

All you need is an internet connection & computer / smartphone.

  • Choose from our many videos.
  • Carry out sessions when it suits you.
  • Access to Live Zoom sessions included.
  • Sign Up Here

Pukekohe Classes

$15 per class

Pilates & Yoga, Core Strength & Conditioning classes in Pukekohe.

  • Classes held at the rooms at Bledisloe Park Sports Centre
  • Mon 9am & Wed 9am
  • Class runs for 60 minutes
  • Bring a Yoga mat if you have one (or a towel)
  • Follow the BaseSix Fitness signs

Personal Training

Starting From $60

Private Sessions are now available Online. 

I take you through a workout from the comfort of your own home. 

The initial consultation includes an in-depth look into your fitness & medical history as well as any past injuries. We discuss your goals & desired outcomes. I work with you to help you achieve these during our sessions.

  • Initial 60 minute consultation - $60
  • One-on-one session - $60
  • Pair session - $80
  • Sessions run for 60 minutes

Meet Maria - BaseSix Fitness

Maria Basevi is the owner & head instructor of BaseSix Fitness. With over eight years of experience in the health & fitness industry, Maria is passionate about inspiring people to experience & understand the benefits of having a strong core & stable body.

“Lower back pain due to a weak core, made worse by pregnancy, led to me to discover the benefits of Pilates & Yoga firsthand. With simple everyday activities proving to be a challenge during this time, I decided to take control with swimming & walking. I soon found that the combination of different sports activities paired with Pilates & Yoga built up my core strength & conditioned my body without causing strain or injury. And BaseSix Fitness was born.”

Maria is highly skilled in designing classes & private lessons catering for all. From beginner's to elite athletes & everyone in between, Maria’s classes are suitable for all stages of life & fitness levels.

The focus is on building core strength & flexibility by teaching you how to tailor each move to your ability. Whether you are at the beginners level of fitness or at the top of your game, Maria can guide you through exercises best suited for you & your body.

Age is not an issue when it comes to BaseSix Fitness & the benefits are undeniable no matter your age & stage in life.

maria basevi yoga instructor

"We look forward to the opportunity of assisting you on your fitness journey"

For Adults

BaseSix Fitness encourages ageing actively. As we age our posture, mobility, stability, balance, flexibility, mind / body connection & breath awareness can all decrease unless you engage in a regular fitness routine. By learning Pilates & Yoga, you choose to stay fit, active & healthy without putting undue pressure on joints or muscles.  This type of exercise also aids in recovery from injuries as well as preventing further injury.

By incorporating Pilates into your routine, your muscles will stay strong, your body aligned & your mind clear & stress free.  As it is a gentle form of exercise you won’t feel shattered & out of breath; it is great for your heart & lungs.  Pilates helps with arthritis by reducing joint pain & stiffness, increasing muscle strength, endurance & flexibility.

We work on deep abdominal muscles including the pelvic floor. It is important to keep this area active & build both strength & endurance, particularly as we age. Like any muscle: if we don’t use it, we lose it. Bladder issues or incontinence may become an issue after pregnancy & as we age, this can pose a problem too. During BaseSix Fitness classes, moves are carried out with precision, focusing on improving stability in your abdominals while creating space between the vertebrae in your spine.  A good practice of deep breathing will also help with the flexibility of the intercostal muscles between your ribs which in turn will help you to carry out cardio fitness such as walking or running for longer, improving lung capacity & feeling less puffed. 

By concentrating on our breath & body awareness through Pilates & Yoga, we improve our minor muscles naturally. This in turn helps strengthen our major muscles. When all muscles are developing correctly you will naturally carry out everyday life activities with minimum effort & maximum pleasure. 

By keeping yourself actively fit now, you will continue to reap numerous benefits for years to come.

Sports Specific Benefits


BaseSix Fitness can help riders of all levels by strengthening your core, lengthening your spine & stabilising your body during riding.  We also focus on creating a deeper, more secure seat by increasing flexibility, balance & strength. This in turn increases the suppleness through your lower back & hip independence while improving your overall body awareness. When absorbing your horse’s movement by maintaining good posture, a stable lower body & a strong core you will optimise your own coordination & that of your horse, for a more responsive & confident ride.

Rugby / League Players

BaseSix Fitness can assist players preparing for the upcoming season as well as maintaining their fitness by:

  • Preventing injuries through exercises based on strength & flexibility
  • Developing core strength, enabling your entire body to better deal with impact
  • Improving neck, shoulder & hip mobility
  • Gaining flexibility in your hamstrings, hip flexors, knee & ankle joints
  • Enhancing your overall body conditioning
  • Rehabilitating after injury, regaining your strength & flexibility


Proper postural alignment is vital for improving your running form.

Next time you watch a running event, take note of how runners cross the finish line. Look at their posture. Do you see flailing arms, rounded shoulders, chin reaching forward, knees coming together or twisting through the midsection? Do you run or compete in running events & cross the finish line with burning hamstrings, tense shoulders or a sore lower back?

Pilates exercises through BaseSix Fitness can help alleviate these issues & improve your running form. With a good, upright, healthy posture you will become a better runner. You will be able to run further, breathe more deeply & finish with more energy. As we age our posture changes, so it is important to be aware of & look after our body as best we can. Starting now. Good posture also benefits the function of all our vital organs, holding them in the correct place. Through Pilates we are able to move our body safely as well as effectively & efficiently.


Remember to balance your running & walking with stretching & strengthening. Aim to carry out exercises with graceful, flowing movements. This builds up strength & increases flexibility. It can also reduce muscle soreness in legs & knees. Choose exercises which incorporate torso stretching during abdominal strengthening. Both will help warm up the core muscles & stretch the intercostal muscles that connect the ribs. By using the correct breathing technique, intercostals become more flexible, making breathing easier & smoother & potentially improving your lung capacity.

Racket Sports

Are you an avid tennis, badminton or squash player? Do you enjoy a leisurely or competitive game? However you like to play, it is vitally important to look after your body. Reduce the risk of stress fractures by improving your strength & endurance. Prevent muscle strain by stretching slowly & with precision. Condition your shoulder rotator cuff muscles & lateral epiconditis (elbow muscles) by working on your shoulder & arm strength & flexibility. This can help prevent the all to common 'tennis elbow'. 


Pilates & Yoga meet Swimming, Swimming meets Pilates & Yoga. Do you suffer from swimmer’s shoulder? This may be due to overuse & BaseSix Fitness can help alleviate this. Swimming is a great sport & a personal favourite of mine!  However, there are a few things we need to be aware of to protect our shoulders particularly.

The shoulder is the most mobile joint of the body. It is a ball & socket joint. The joint is held in place by muscles & tendons, called the rotator cuff. If your rotator cuff muscles become tired then soft shoulder injuries can occur. If you swim 25m freestyle, your shoulder rotates approximately 10 times. For a medium swimming workout of 50 lengths, each shoulder rotates about 500 times! Do that several times a week & those shoulder rotations add up. 

Swimming strengthens your chest & internal shoulder muscles. By working on these muscles they become strong, but the muscles on the other side overstretch & lengthen. This can be compensated by also strengthening your scapular stabilisers, external rotator cuffs & stretching out your shoulders internal rotators & chest muscles. Prevent swimmer's shoulder with a whole body workout with BaseSix Fitness.


Golf can be a very asymmetrical sport, meaning one side of your body tends to bear the brunt. BaseSix Fitness classes can help by balancing your whole body, improving shoulder & spine flexibility & core strength as well as mobility & opening through hips. This in turn aids in avoiding injury, improving your golf swing through strengthened core stability, an increased range of motion through your shoulders & the ability to open up through your hips. You will build awareness of muscular imbalances, increase flexibility through your spine & improve overall balance as you address the ball & hold your stance, improving your golf game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pilates?

Joseph Pilates was a man, who as a child was sick & weak. He suffered from tuberculosis but didn't let this slow him down. Joseph was curious, intuitive & a physical explorer of his body. He wanted to find ways to strengthen his body & enhance his life.

Through self-exploration & rehabilitation with others he developed exercises for individual people & tailored it to their needs. These exercises were done on a mat & on equipment that Joseph designed. Joseph called his method ‘Contrology’.

Pilates is a concept, a series of movements which concentrates on strengthening the body & mind with an emphasis on core strength. Pilates focuses on proper postural alignment, core strength, muscle balance & breath awareness.

But Pilates is more than just an exercise regime, it teaches you how to move your body, where to instigate the movement & which muscles to activate.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a mind & body practice with a 5,000 year old history from ancient India.

Yoga means union. It is the union of body, mind & breath. Yoga is flexibility of the body & mind. Yoga is a series of physical, mental & spiritual practices.

There are many different types of yoga & disciplines within the practice. At BaseSix Fitness, we practice ‘Asana’, the physical aspect of yoga, which is more popular in Western cultures. Your own body weight is used as resistance throughout the moves, small props can be added to aid in certain stretches.

Why Pilates & Yoga?

I believe BOTH Pilates & Yoga are fantastic for your health & wellbeing & compliment each other wonderfully 

Pilates emphasizes proper postural alignment, core strength, muscle balance & breath awareness. It concentrates on strengthening the body & mind.  

Yoga focuses on flexibility of the body & mind. It encourages the union of body, mind & breath.

How much space is required & what do I need to bring?

Online sessions are held in the comfort of your own home. Roll out your mat, reach your hands out, this is all the space you need. Have a drink bottle on hand too.

Physical classes are held upstairs at the Bledisloe Park Sports Centre. There is plenty of room to stretch out on your Yoga mat. If you don’t have your own, feel free to hire a mat from us for $2.

I can’t touch my toes / I’m not flexible enough, is this suitable for me?

You do not have to be flexible to participate in the class. It is all about improving your flexibility. We all have to start somewhere.

I have a previous injury & I am worried.

If you have any pre-existing conditions please discuss these at the time of your booking. Client safety is of the highest priority. We want to make sure you are comfortable & safe carrying out all moves. All moves can be adapted to suit individual needs.

I want to improve my physical & mental health, how can BaseSix Fitness assist me?

BaseSix Fitness can help you improve both physically & mentally. All classes are a mixture of Pilates & Yoga, Core Strength & Conditioning. You are encouraged to listen to your body & carry out the moves safely & with precision. Ideally, your body, mind & breath will become synced. You are able to focus & take your time to move through the poses throughout the class.

Do I need to book?

Online Sessions can be accessed as soon as payment is made. Follow the prompts in the Subscribe Online tab to access videos instantly.

For Pukekohe classes, booking ahead is encouraged, to secure your spot. Payment required on

Do I have to commit to a block / term?

No, no upfront commitment is required. However, you will feel more benefits if you attend sessions regularly. Come when it suits you & your schedule. Concession cards are available for Pukekohe classes. Please enquire for more information. 

I am really enjoying classes & want to keep myself accountable, can you help with this?

Yay, I am pleased you are enjoying our classes. We do have concession cards available that many clients have found help keep them on track. Please enquire about our terms & conditions.

How long is each class?

Online Session times vary between 30 minutes & 60 minutes depending on the scheduled day & time.

Pukekohe classes run for 60 minutes. We start strictly on the hour. It is recommended you arrive a little while before the class is due to start. This allows you to find your desired spot & settle in before class commences.

Am I too old to attend?


As long as you are able to get down onto & up off a yoga mat you will be fine. 

If you feel you need more one-on-one attention, such as seated exercises or very specific exercises due to injury; then private sessions are recommended. Private session are tailored specifically for you & your needs. Please enquire about our Private Sessions. 

Do you give one-off Private Sessions?

Absolutely. Private sessions can be taken from the privacy of your own home. Please enquire for more info.  

Are classes suitable for older children?

Children are welcome to attend the sessions as long as they are able to fully & safely participate without disrupting others in the session. 

Children grow rapidly & it is essential that developing bodies get the right kind of exercise. BaseSix Fitness offers low impact exercises with a focus on flexibility & strength. Children who enjoy other sports find that adding Pilates & Yoga in as part of their fitness routine complements their specific sporting pursuits.

What a great benefit it is if chidren can keep their energy & vitality, as they begin their journey to adulthood. The breathing techniques taught are fundamental to developing stress & self-managment skills.

We can help set young people up to have correct posture for their entire lives, maximising body health & minimising injury through increased mobility, flexibility & strength. Talk to BaseSix Fitness about helping grow balanced & healthy kids.

I have never tried Pilates but my physio said this will help my sore back.

Yes, Pilates can definitely help those with back issues. In a lot of cases a sore back is the result of core instability. Throughout classes all moves are carried out with precision. There is a special emphasis on core strength & synchronising your movement with your breath. Ideally, your breath & movement will become one.

I don’t really know what Yoga is but I have been told by my doctor this may help with my anxiety.

Yes, Yoga can absolutely help with anxiety. Yoga means union. It is the union of body, mind & breath. By focusing on each individual move, your mind has a chance to quieten & breath work comes into play.

Client Feedback

"I started regular Pilates/Yoga with Maria from BaseSix Fitness in October 2019 and it has been one of the best experiences for my mind-body. I’ve done yoga off and on for over 20 years with many groups and I have found Maria to be a skilled teacher and communicator. She can adapt to her class that include beginners to experienced, all ages and body types. She gives very clear and precise instructions with each exercise which helps me to focus on the important principles to get full benefits. Taking this time to get the principles right is important to me to achieve a fulfilled workout. The benefits have been fantastic for my strength, flexibility and posture, regular routines 2-4 times a week have become part of my lifestyle again and I’m very grateful. 5 stars Maria Basevi at BaseSix Fitness."

Dr Dean Carter

"Fantastic class, love the combination of Yoga & Pilates. Thanks Maria, feeling great after your class. See you next week."

 Sandra C

"If you want something different BaseSix Fitness is the way to go. Maria is a fantastic instructor & her classes are great! I am so pleased I have found her."

 Denise Y

"I have been attending classes with Maria for 6 months consistently. I have noticed a huge improvement in my strength, tone and flexibility. I find the classes really manageable (as I am not very flexible!) and a good, overall workout. As a Dressage rider, there has been definite improvement in my riding since doing these classes especially in core strength and awareness of using the correct core muscles. Would highly recommend anyone to join Maria's classes. If I can do it- you definitely can!! :)"

Chanelle R

"Maria has a brilliant way of making you work hard, but without stress! She explains everything so clearly and always has options for injuries or disability. I have gained so much from her classes, I recommend her to anyone no matter their age, fitness level or physical ability."

Karen C

"I’ve been doing pilates/ yoga for several years but only just under a year with Maria & she is by far the best. Each move she gives you options to go push yourself harder or ease off a little, so her classes are for every level. I like that she moves around the class to ensure everyone is doing it correctly and discreetly whispers to you to help correct your position, you don’t get that in the big classes with someone on stage. Can hardly wait until lock down is over."

Karen M

"Maria is a friendly, knowledgeable instructor and skilled in the delivery of her classes. She is consistently able to meet a range of capabilities, offering different options which she demonstrates and explains clearly.

Maria always makes sure she is very respectful when suggesting correction of individual body postures and movements allowing for safe practise and progression comfortably.

My own body has noticeably been strengthened, posture corrected and adjusted and also my overall flexibility has improved greatly."

Bronwyn C

We are loving the Yoga/Pilates classes run by BaseSix Fitness! Maria delivers a range of brilliant practical exercises that are a great way to start the day and provide a welcome relief from the stresses of business! Her calm and clear instructions just make the whole session enjoyable!

Simon L & Lynda M

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